"They did three auctions for us. They were very well organized "
Eddie Malone – Malone Ford Motor Co., Fletcher, OK

"Sold my family business, both real estate and contents, in two days. They will work hard for you."
Taylor Stein, Assistant District Attorney, Comanche Co.

"When we sold our grandparents’ business, Bridges Auction & Sales Co. set it up – sold it – and gave us correct accounting. Very professional."
Don Smith, Attorney and Mark Smith, Judge, Lawton, OK

"I didn’t have to lift a finger. They did it all!"
Mrs. Wade Hunt, Lawton, OK

"They completed four auctions for me and my family."
Jim Alltizer, Lawton, OK

"They had buyers from six states."
Jeff Manor, Banker, Oklahoma City, OK

"Two auctions – large crowds – one tractor sold to an Arkansas buyer."
Ronald Spencer an Spencer Bros., Elgin, OK

"Sold my late husband’s equipment and our home farm. Prices were greater than expected."
Mrs. Calvin Brown, Altus, OK

"Bridges Auction Co. has held several auctions for us. They know how to get it sold right!"
Fred Emmert – Lawton, OK

"We have used their appraisal service since 1988."
Marvin Zike, retired banker, First National Bank, Fletcher, OK

"A Bridges Auction creates market value."
Jim Patterson, banker, Apache, OK  

This section is devoted to the comments of past clients
with Bridges Auction & Sales Co: